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2003Y, April 3rd the company set up , create a precedent in the history of the chainsaw Accessories products - guide bar.

2004Y, developed two other professional accessories : Sprocket and Wrench .

2005Y, we imported the professional technology of guide bar from Canada, also imported the main material of product from the USA and Switzerland directly .

2006Y, we studied and develop a new product- saw chain , use the material SAE8660 are all imported from the USA directly .

2007Y, develop a new product of bar – solid hard nose bar , become the first manufacture in China to produce this bar.

2008Y, join venture with GRIFFITHS & BEERENS PTY LTD (www.gbbar.com.au) from Austrilia, imported their professional technology with solid hard nose bar.

2010Y, study and develop a new accessories product – Harvester serious, after this serious of bar and chain come out , fill the gaps in mainland professionals in the field .
***2012Y, develop a new kind of long bar , the length can be from 42-80"( 1~2meters), which is much longer than previously .