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Chainsaw chain supplier:Hangzhou Qirui Tools
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Chainsaw chain supplier:Hangzhou Qirui Tools

14 October 2021

Chainsaw chain supplier

Main products:

Chainsaw chain and Chainsaw parts for chainsaw; Laminated guide bar, Chainsaw guide bar and Chainsaw parts for Chainsaws; Tungsten Carbide Chainsaw Chain for Chainsaw; MAYA Chainsaw Chain Loop Chain for Chain Saw.

Chainsaw chain supplier:Hangzhou Qirui Tools

About chainsaw chain supplier:

Hangzhou Qirui Tools Co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of forestry and gardening tools accessories in China since 2003.

We have fully automatic production lines imported from Germany that can produce full range series of guide bars and saw chains, which are widely applied to various international famous branded chainsaws, and harvester machines.

As the leading supplier in China, we participated in drafting the industry standards. We always stick to the principle of "Quality Priority", which helps us maintain good cooperation relationships with many industry giants for many years.

Warmly welcome to visit our company!

Here is our service:

1)All of our products will be in perfect quality, meet clients standard, no damage or dirty.

2) Delivery on time.

3) About after-sale, is there any problem with our products, we supply return and exchange service. The premise is to provide the relevant proof.

Establish the company's business management system and organize the implementation and improvement, information management system and the allocation of information resources. Advocate the company's corporate culture and business philosophy, shape the corporate image.

Our products:

(1) guide bar:guide bar,electric chainsaw bar, gasoline guide bar, 070 chainsaw bar,chainsaw parts, chainsaw guide bar, chainsaw bar, 4500 chainsaw bar, chainsaw accessories, agricultural machinery parts, chain saw spare parts

(2) laminated bar:laminated bar, guide bar with sprocket, roller guide bar, sprocket nose bar, roller guide bar,mini electric chainsaw bar,sword plate

(3) hard nose bar:hard nose bar, solid-nose guide bar, cobalt alloy bar, laser bar, solid bar, solid guide bar

(4) pro solid bar:pro solid bar, pro bar,replacement sprocket nose bar, replacement nose bar

(5) harvester bar:harvester guide bar, forester bar, forester guide bar, twin- ended bar, unequal-ended bar,stump spry bar

(6) carving bar:carving bar, faster nose bar, carving guide bar, laser tip bar, chainsaw carving bar

(7)chainsaw chain:chain, saw chain, semi chisel chain, full chisel chain,gasoline saw chain, electric chainsaw chain,chainsaw chain, chain saw chain, square cutter chain spare parts chain, round cutter chain, electric saw chain, mini saw chain, chain for chainsaw, steel chain, wood cutter, tree cutter,  chainsaw sharpener, chain cutter, mini chainsaw chain

(8) carbide chain:carbide chain, diamond chain, tungsten chain

(9) ripping chain ; ripping chain

(10) skip chain:skip chain

(11) harvester chain:harvester chain

(12) Other products: sprocket,chainsaw sprocket, clutch drum, grinder,mini grinder, electric grinder, chain saw sharpener,saw blade,lame beaver,steel alloy blade

Our Value to the customers :

1. Accountability We will take responsibility and account for our actions and will do so willingly.

2. Integrity We will consistently display high standards of ethical, honesty and professional business practice to our customer.

3. Delivery We will always strive to deliver what we have committed to do, on time and to the highest standard.

4. Teamwork We will collaborate to achieve common goals through mutual respect, openness and flexibility.

5. Continuous Learning We will encourage individuals and teams to generate new ideas, share knowledge, and adapt business practices to be the best in our industry



Email: qirui@qiruibar.com


Add: No. 390, Xiangdafang Industrial Park, Wenyan Street, Xiaoshan District,Hangzhou,Zhejiang,China

Website: www.qiruibar.com

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