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Chainsaw structure 1
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Chainsaw structure

08 February 2022

Understanding chainsaw chain


Chainsaw structure


Although there are many different brands and models of chainsaws, their structures are similar, and they are all in line with ergonomic design principles.

Chain brake - also known as brake, a device used to quickly stop the rotation of the chain, mostly used for chain saw braking in emergency situations, and is one of the safety functions. ?

Saw chain gear—also known as sprocket, is used to drive the toothed parts of the saw chain; its wear and tear must be checked before use and replaced in time. ?

Chainsaw structure 1

Front Handle - The handle installed on the front of the chainsaw, also known as the side handle. ?Front handle baffle - also known as safety baffle, a structural barrier installed in front of the chain saw's front handle and guide plate, mostly installed near the front handle, and sometimes used as the operating lever of the chain brake. It is one of the safety features. ?

Guide plate - also known as chain plate, a solid track structure, used to support and conduct the saw chain; before use, check the wear of the guide groove, repair it in time, and replace it if necessary.


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Qirui Tools is a professional manufacturer of chainsaw guide bars and chainsaw chains. With decades of experience, products are exported to dozens of countries and regions. Welcome new and old customers to contact us by email, we will provide the best service And the affordable price, thank you.

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Introduction to Consumer Saw Chains

Saw chains are used in the cutting process of managing wood, plastics, and metal. Saw chains are made of two interlocked halves that are joined together with rivets or pins. These rivets or pins are typically located at the base of the outer link near the width where it attaches to the saw's arbor. The teeth are located on either side of these pins or rivets. As the chain rotates around the blade, it cuts through materials by pushing them against itself.

Top tips for saw chain and guide bar maintenance

This is very pleasing indeed. But get a little laissez faire with the maintenance regime and it won’t be long before the same machine is practically burning its way through.Not only does this make the job take far longer, it uses more fuel, causes premature bar and sprocket wear and can risk overheating the engine.

Performance of Carbide Saw Chain

The next time you cut wood with a handheld circular saw, be sure to use a carbide saw chain. Carbon steel for this type of chain can be found in nails, springs, ball bearings and old saws. It's especially effective because it doesn't require sharpening after the initial installation. Carbide has excellent resistance to rusting, chipping, bending or deformation.

Saw chain care and maintenance

Keeping the knives sharp is extremely important for the smooth and safe operation of the chainsaw hand. Chainsaw operators need to regularly file and sharpen their chains to keep their knives sharp at all times.

Understanding chainsaw chain

Chainsaw chains are one of the most important parts of the whole chainsaw. Without them you certainly wouldn’t be able to cut through wood. Confusingly they come in almost limitless combinations of type, size and features, all geared to different applications.


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