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Things That Ruin Your Chainsaw Chain
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Things That Ruin Your Chainsaw Chain

07 March 2022

Understanding Saw Chain


Things That Ruin Your saw chain

There are many unexpected elements that you have to face while working with a chainsaw. Many of the damage can kill your blade and chain in ways that you do not realize. I’ll discuss the things that damage and ruin your chainsaw now.

Improper Lubricant:

When you use a wrong and improper lubricant to lubricate the bar and the chain, it can damage the whole thing. The damage will come from the overheating of the machine, and therefore the whole machine will be damaged.

Hitting a Nail:

Many times wood had various materials inside them, which create a barrier for the chainsaw to work. If a chainsaw hits a nail, fence staples, and stuff like these, then the chain and the blade are sure to be damaged for good.

Cutting Ice:

While working in the winter and especially if it’s snowing, you have to be careful while working because the ice can chip right through your blades and wear your chain out.

Hitting Dirt and Rocks:

Hitting rocks might the top reason for chainsaw blades to be damaged. While cutting through a wooden log on the ground, you are very much likely to face dirt and also rocks. These rocks come in the way of the blade and damage the teeth In ways you can never imagine.

Saw Chain

Wrong Storage/Rust:

The machine can easily get rusted if you don’t store it properly. The chain and the bar must be properly cleaned and lubricated for the chainsaw to be stored properly. Clean the chainsaw properly, especially the bar and the chain and then use oil and cover it while storing.

The lifespan of your chainsaw hugely depends on the type of work you’re doing with it. The damage done to the chain and the chainsaw controls the lifespan of your chainsaw.

What is Dirt chainsaw blade

Dirt chainsaw blade is a chainsaw blade specially designed for cutting soft materials such as soil, mud and sand. Unlike regular chainsaw blades, they have wider, flatter tooth profiles with more spaced teeth for easier cutting and expulsion of debris in different materials such as soft soil and mud.

These inserts are usually made of carbide for improved wear resistance and cutting efficiency. They can also be used for cutting debris such as tree roots and vegetation. It is important to note that the dirt chainsaw blade is not suitable for cutting hard materials such as concrete or stone, etc., because these materials will wear down or damage the chainsaw blade quickly.

About Saw Chain:


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