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Understanding chainsaw chain
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Understanding chainsaw chain

11 January 2022

Understanding chainsaw chain

Chainsaw chains are one of the most important parts of the whole chainsaw. Without them you certainly wouldn’t be able to cut through wood. Confusingly they come in almost limitless combinations of type, size and features, all geared to different applications.

The three measurements of chainsaw chains

As chainsaw chains come in so many varieties you first need to understand how they differ, and understand the three different measurements that are involved.

Saw Chain

Chain pitch

The distance between the drive links on the chain determines the pitch of the chain. The spacing between the links on the chain must match the spacing between the teeth on the bar tip sprocket and drive sprocket. What you would typically see is that a larger pitch would indicate a heavier and bigger chain. When replacing your chain, or when it comes to maintenance of the chainsaw the pitch must then be compatible with the bar tip sprocket and the saw sprocket. What you would normally find is that most typical pitches are 0.325” and 3/8”.

Chain gauge

This is the measurement that outlines the thickness of the drive links and is defined by the portion of the drive link that fits into the grooves in the guide bar. The thicker links will, more often than not, be heavier, but will also be much stronger. The cutting speed will be much faster with a lighter machine so you will need to be aware of what is required from this job to get it done right. The chain gauge and bar gauge must match otherwise it will not fit properly.

Usually, a larger pitch chain will have larger teeth that take bigger cuts out of the wood. This will therefore require more power. Typical gauges are 0.050”, 0.58” and 0.63”.

Number of drive links


When researching chainsaw chains it is important to know the exact number of chainsaw links. This helps the manufacturers keep their chain sizes and types in order. This measurement isn’t always displayed on the manual so you will need to know the exact number. Length measurements are not always helpful as the overall length of chains is defined by a combination of the pitch and the number of links.

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