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Why Did My Chainsaw Chain Break
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Why Did My Chainsaw Chain Break

10 March 2022

Understanding Saw Chain


Why Did My saw chain Break

Have you ever wondered what makes your chainsaw chain break, or what leads to the trouble you have when just trying to maintain your chainsaw? Do you often have to deal with your chainsaw chain breaking? If these are some of the issues you have recently had with your chainsaw, then continue reading. 

It can take time, effort and money to properly maintain a chainsaw chain. People new to using a chainsaw often don’t know how to maintain one as it should be maintained. The key thing is to first get yourself a high-quality chainsaw that comes with good quality parts.

The chain bar is the most important part of any chainsaw. If that is not good quality then there is no use of using it. Using a chainsaw that has the wrong length bar for the job at hand can also lead to severe injury.

Now let’s look at the factors which can lead to a chainsaw chain break and what to do to avoid it.

Below are some factors that can lead to a chainsaw chain break while in use.

Daily Chainsaw Maintenance

Maintaining your chainsaw is all the more important if you use it on a daily basis or often enough. You should go over your saw and check everything is in working order before attempting to start it up. If you hear any weird sounds you should stop it immediately as it can lead to chain breaking. Sort out what the issue is and then continue with your work. Check every single part of the chainsaw that could be causing the problem. So maintain your chainsaw and be safer whenever you use it.

Saw Chain

Low-Quality Chain

Using a low-quality chain bar with your saw is one the biggest issues that causes a chain break. People often buy them in the hope that it will save them some money. You should consider buying a high-quality chainsaw because it can prevent you from getting an injury. It will also help you cut down more trees for a longer period due to its quality and efficient use.

Chain Rust

Another important factor to look out for is chain rust. Rust can literally degrade the quality of your chain. When you haven’t used your chainsaw in a while, and it is not properly stored, then this can happen. Always crosscheck your appliance before using it again. Look closely for any any rust particles appearing on the chainsaw chain. If anything suspicious is visible, safely remove the chain and maintain it properly using oil.

Maintenance of Guide Bar

Guide bar plays an important role in a chainsaw. Without it, you cannot even use it. See for the signs if the guide bar is attached properly. If you see any bent in the guide bar correct that first. These conditions should be corrected early in order to avoid a chain break. Guide bar and the chain work together. If one of them is in bad condition the other one could snap. 

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