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Understand the four chain saw guide types

25 May 2021

  Understand the four chain saw guide types

  It is well known that the needs of loggers are as diverse as the terrain and environment in which they work. Understanding the different types of chain saw guides and choosing the correct saw chain guide can make them better and faster to complete their work.

Understand the four chain saw guide types

  Engraving spot welding board

  The engraving guide bar is made of steel, and is cut in precise shape. It is mainly used for garden trimming, wood carving and fine carving and cutting. Very low rebound, light weight and durable. Available in 8" and 12" size configurations.

  Small laminate

  The small laminate has a bearing inside the rotating sprocket at the top, with a rivet structure. When the chain moves along the guide bar, the sprocket teeth quickly wind the chain at the top, with almost no friction or reduced cutting speed. 6"-18" sizes are available.

  Spot Welding Board

  Laminate light-weight strips, usually used for temporary or semi-professional users of chainsaw buyers. At present, the most commonly used of this type is 10" to 20" guides. There is a rotating sprocket at the top of the laminate, with four sturdy sprockets. Rivet structure.

  Milling machine plate (replaceable guide bar)

  The replaceable guide bar comes with a replaceable spare head, which can be replaced when worn, without having to replace the entire guide bar. These guide bars are specially made for high-speed, heavy-duty chain saws, which are very suitable for professional and semi-professional tools, and are available in 13-inch to 36-inch configurations.

  Alloy guide bar

  It is formed by laser welding of solid steel and stellite alloy. There is no moving bearing and there will be no blockage. It is specially designed for harsh cutting environments and is often used for drilling and cutting. It is usually widely used because of its high strength and durability. Applied to professional cutting.


How to use a chainsaw chain

How to use a chainsaw chain? What should be done? Chain saw chains are the most common equipment in our real life, so how can we better let the chain saw chain play its due effect? What kind of work should be done?

Which chain saw parts manufacturer is better

Which chain saw parts manufacturer is better? Which manufacturer is reputable? In the selection of manufacturers for chain saw accessories, users must first look at the reputation of the manufacturer. Only when the reputation is improved, the quality of the product can be guaranteed. The first is what technical conditions are available in the production. Only under technology can the quality of products be improved. A good reputation naturally proves that their technology is good. Otherwise, they will not be able to satisfy users because of their high quality and have a good reputation for them. Therefore, from this aspect, we must choose a reputable manufacturer.

Classification and function of chain saw guide bar

Chain saw guide bar, also known as chain plate and saw plate, is an integral part of the chain saw transmission accessories, mainly to make the chain saw chain drive in a straight line to complete the cutting operation of the chain saw. The general material is generally 50 manganese steel or 65 manganese steel, preferably 65 manganese steel, which has better durability.

Structure and classification of chain saw guide bar

Structure and classification of chain saw guide bar. The guide bar is a very important part of the chain saw. In order to extend the service life of the chain saw, the chain saw guide bar should be maintained after the work is completed. The normal use and maintenance of the chain saw guide bar should ensure sufficient chain oil during the work, so that the chain saw is underneath. It can continue to maintain good working conditions during the next work. The structure, shape and size of the guide bar not only affect the friction loss between the saw chain and the guide bar, but also have a direct impact on the power consumption of sawing wood and the quality of sawing.


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