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Professional Saw Chain

Cutter Type: Semi-Chisel

Kickback Safety: NO

Product Name: Professional Saw Chain

Gauge: .063”


Certification: Professional Saw Chain

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Professional Saw Chain - Qirui parts

  • Product Description                                                                         

    Professional Saw Chain


    Professional Saw Chain


    Professional Saw Chain





    Product Name

    Professional Saw Chain

    Qirui Number


    OR Number


    Cutter Type

    Semi-Chisel / Round

    Kickback Safety:


    Recommended Bar Length:

    20”(50CM) and longer

    Recommended Saw Size:

    4.0cu.in(65cc) and large


    SAE8660 steel

    Size of Professional Saw Chain

    Chain loopat your requirementor chain roll25 feet to 100 feet


    In blister or color box as the client required

    Port of delivery:

    Ningbo or Shanghai

    Method of Transaction:


    Features of Professional Saw Chain:

    Professional Saw Chain is specifically developed for longer cutting edge life resulting in less frequent sharpeningwhich cutting woods over150 one time before filingconventional chains only cutting 18-20 one time before filing);

    * Professional Saw Chain stays sharp and using life over three times longer than conventional chains

    *Logging in abrasive conditionwhich would quickly dull conventional chainssuitable for cutting dirty woodsmud and sand areafire burned forestrootsfrozen logs and hardwoods

    *Available3/8”LP & .325” & .404”

  •   PRODUCT NAME:Professional Saw Chain


      Professional Saw Chain - Features:


      1. Carbide saw chains are designed to extend the life of the cutting edge and reduce frequent grinding. It can cut more than 150 square meters of wood before filing (traditional saw chains only cut 18-20 square meters before filing); * Carbide The saw chain is sharp, and the service life is more than three times that of the traditional saw chain;


      2. The low-vibration chain reduces the safety of recoil;


      3. Suitable for cutting dirty wood, treated wood, tree roots, frozen logs and hardwood


      4. Available: 3/8"LP & .325"


      Professional Saw Chain - QC:


      We have carried out strict quality control on every process of the chain. Each process is monitored by a quality inspector. After the chain is completed, we will perform stress test, fatigue test, gravity test, etc.


      Professional Saw Chain


    Professional Saw Chain


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