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Classification and function of chain saw guide bar
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Classification and function of chain saw guide bar

18 May 2021

  Chain saw guide bar, also known as chain plate and saw plate, is an integral part of the chain saw transmission accessories, mainly to make the chain saw chain drive in a straight line to complete the cutting operation of the chain saw. The general material is generally 50 manganese steel or 65 manganese steel, preferably 65 manganese steel, which has better durability.

Classification and function of chain saw guide bar

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  Chain saw guide bar classification:

  According to the structure classification: three-in-one toothed guide bar, one-piece guide bar with head, one-piece buffer guide bar, one-piece alloy guide bar.

  Classified according to size: 10 inch guide bar, 12 inch guide bar, 14 inch guide bar, 16 inch guide bar, 18 inch guide bar, 20 inch guide bar, 22 inch guide bar, 24 inch guide bar, 36 inch guide bar, 70 guide bar, 90 guide bar, 120 guide bar.

  According to the pitch classification: 1/4”, 0.325”, 3/8”, 0.404”.

  According to the guide groove size classification: 0.043", 0.050", 0.058", 0.063".

  According to the brand classification: imported brands include Husqvarna guides, STIHL guides, Xindahua guides, Origen guides, etc.; domestic products include Qirui guides, Tomahawk guides, Zhongma guides, Yusen guides, etc. Qirui guide bar is specially customized for users with higher requirements, imported manganese steel material, durable! Factory direct sales, the quality is very good, highly recommended.

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  Quality comparison of chain saw guide bar:

  65 manganese steel guide bar is better than 50 manganese steel guide bar; from the analysis of the structure, the cost resistance, the normal condition, the alloy is the best, the one is the second, and the three-in-one is the most common.

  Alloy guide bar

  chain saw guide price comparison:

  In the usual situation, the price of the guide bar of the same size, the alloy guide bar is high, the integrated guide bar is second, and the three in one guide bar is cheap.

  The function of the chain saw guide bar:

  The chain saw guide bar passes through the guide bar wire, the compression cover and the guide bar screw cap are fixed on the right side of the chain saw, and it plays a role in the "rail" of the chain movement. When the chain moves at a high speed, it will naturally continue to rub against the central guide tooth of the chain saw chain. Therefore, the selection of the guide bar has an impact on the development of the entire function of the chain and the chain saw.

  The choice of chain saw guide bar:

  First, choose the size of the guide bar according to the power and use of the chain saw, choose the guide bar pitch according to the sprocket disassembled by the chain saw, and choose the structure and quality of the guide bar according to the operating frequency of the chain saw.

  If you want to know more about "Guide Board", please feel free to contact us.


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