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How to replace a chainsaw bar
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How to replace a chainsaw bar

10 February 2022

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How to replace a chainsaw bar?

Once you have identified that you need to replace the bar on your chainsaw the next step is the actually replace the bar itself. Luckily the bar replacement process is pretty similar for most chainsaws and it can be done without any difficulties. If you are looking for a general idea for how often you should replace a chainsaw bar, a rule of thumb is to replace the bar of your chainsaw once after you have gone through three chains on the same bar. But before you can start the bar replacement process make sure that the replacement bar you have is the exact same length as the one you are replacing it with. 

Step 1:

Safety first, before starting, make sure to wear a pair of heavy-duty working gloves and ensure that the bar is facing away from you before you start the bar replacement process. Also, make sure that the kill switch is turned off and if you have a gas-powered chainsaw the spark plug wire is disconnected.

Step 2:

If you have the chain cover on the bar of your chainsaw remove it and then you will have to undo the 2 nuts in order to remove the sprocket/clutch cover. Most clutch cover nuts can be removed with a 13mm socket but the size of the socket required can be different depending upon the size or type of chainsaw.

 Step 3:

With the nuts removed you can take the clutch cover off and put it aside. Now you are ready to start removing the bar.

Step 4:

Before removing the bar you have to push the bar backward to reduce the tension on the chain and simply remove the now loose chain and bar completely by sliding the bar off the adjustment posts.

Step 5:

With the bar removed you can clean the area around the sprocket and inside of the sprocket cover as well.

chainsaw blade

Step 6:

Slide the new bar onto the adjustment posts and then reinstall the chain on the bar. Make sure the chain is properly adjusted on the bar nose sprocket and the main driving sprocket as well. When installing the chain, the sharp end of the blades of the chain should be pointing forward towards the front of the bar. Finally, make sure that the chain is properly adjusted into the rails or grooves of the bar.

Step 7:

Pull the bar forward to create tension in the chain and after that, you will have to tighten the chain to proper tightness and there are two ways you can do it. But before tightening the chain, install the cover and put the nuts on the adjustment posts without tightening the nuts all the way. Some chainsaws will have a chain adjustment screw located in between the adjustment posts and in order to tighten the chain you will have to tighten the screw until it is not hanging too low at the bottom of the bar. While for some chainsaws you will have to adjust the tightness of the chain with the help of an adjustment screw located at the front of the sprocket cover. Once you have adjusted the chain tightness make sure to tighten the nuts of the sprocket cover properly to secure the sprocket cover in place.


When you are adjusting the tightness of the chain make sure you don’t overtighten the chain as it will cause the bar to wear out quickly. A good rule of thumb is to tighten a chain until the drivers of the chain are not coming out of the rails when you pull them down at the bottom of the bar. And make sure that the nuts of the sprocket cover are loose when you are tightening the chain.

After installing a brand new bar on your chainsaw make sure that the bar oil reservoir is full so that it can lubricate the new bar properly. But since it takes some time for the lubricant from the reservoir to circulate to the front sprocket of the bar it is a good idea to lubricate the front sprocket after installing a brand new bar to the chain. There is a small oil hole near the nose sprocket of the bar and you can pour some bar oil in this hole to lubricate it. And for good measures, get some bar oil on a piece of cloth and apply the oil to the chain as well. After making sure everything is nice and snug, reconnect the sparkplug wire if you had taken it off, before starting the bar replacement process and your chainsaw is ready to be used again.


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