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Taking care of your cutting equipment
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Taking care of your cutting equipment

01 March 2022

Understanding Guide Bar


Taking care of your cutting equipment

The chainsaw needs regular servicing to perform at its best and last for a long time. Here’s a guide to the things you can take care of yourself.

Correct chain tensioning

Make sure the chainsaw chain is correctly tensioned. A slack chain may jump off the guide bar, injure you and damage the chainsaw. Overly tight chain tension can cause premature wear of the guide bar. A properly tensioned chain should not hang under the guide bar. The chain tension is correct when the chain is in contact with the underside of the guide bar and you still can pull it around easily by hand.

Always let the chain cool before adjusting the chain tensioning. As it cools off, the chain will shrink.

Chainsaw bar maintenance

Most guide bars problems are related to incorrect chain tensioning or poor lubrication or faulty working techniques. The area exposed to most wear is the underside of the chainsaw bars, where most of the cutting is done.

Turn the guide bar every time the chain is changed so that it will wear evenly

Clean the guide bar groove and oil inlet regularly

File away burrs from the bar rails

Guide Bar

Replacing the bar

Check the chainsaw bar regularly for wear and burrs on the rails.

Guide Bar

Replace the bar if:

The bar groove is not deep enough to hold the drive link. Check at the most worn part on the rail.

The chain is not kept straight up in the groove.

About Guide Bar:


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