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3/8” LP  .043 


Cutter TypeSemi-Chisel

Kickback Safety: YES

Pitch:3/8” LP

Gauge: .043”


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Buy 6B Chain Saw Chain, Different Chainsaw Chain, Wood Cutting Chain Product on Qirui

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    Mini Saw Chain Supplier

    Mini Saw Chain Supplier





    Product Name:

    3/8” LP .043” Chain Saw Chain

    Qirui Number:


    OR Number:


    Cutter Type:

    Semi-Chisel / round

    Kickback Safety:


    Recommended Bar Length:

    Up to 16”(40cm)

    Recommended Saw Size:

    Up to 2.5cu.in(41cc)


    SAE8660 steel


    Chain loop(at your requirement)or chain roll(25 feet to 100 feet)


    In blister or color box as the client required

    Port of delivery:

    Ningbo or Shanghai

    Method of Transaction:



    * Ramp-shaped depth gauges help reduce kickback without affecting performance;

    * Bumper drive links delivers low-kickback performance;

    *US-imported SAE8660 steel provide greater durability,especially in cold cutting conditions.



      Different Chainsaw Chain Types Wood Cutting Chain Saw Chain 


    Product Descriptions


    Different chainsaw chain types are available to allow for different cutting depths and widths. Choosing the right chain will ensure the best results while you're working. 


    Some of the more common chainsaw chain types include the standard 10 mm chain, 12 mm chains, 18 mm chains, and even 24 mm chains. The most popular chainsaw chain type is the 10 mm chain, which is generally used for general woodworking tasks.


    Different chainsaw chain types are designed for different purposes. There are three main types of chainsaw chain: metal-link, serial-link, and parallel-link. 


    Metal-link chainsaw chain is the most common type, and it's made up of individual links that are welded together. Serial-link chainsaw chain is similar to metal-link chainsaw chain but each link is connected by a series of small gears.


    Advantages & Features of Wood Cutting Chain Saw Chain


    Different chainsaw chain types are available to fit different applications

    Wood Cutting Chain Saw Chain is designed for precision wood cutting

    The chain has a narrow kerf that helps to minimize waste and produce clean, smooth cuts

    The chain's sharp, hard edges also help to reduce the amount of time needed to cut through wood

    Chain saws equipped with Wood Cutting Chain Saw Chain can easily make precise cuts in a variety of materials, including lumber, plywood, and composite panels

    The chain's low vibration design also helps minimize user fatigue


    Advantages & Features of Wood Cutting Chain Saw Chain


    This chainsaw chain is perfect for wood carving, angle grinding, circular sawing and disc sawing

    The chain has a cutting depth of 1-9/16 inches and a chain speed of 6,800 feet per minute

    The chain is made of high-quality steel and is precision-machined to ensure accurate cutting

    This chainsaw chain is easy to install and can be used with a variety of power tools

    There are a variety of chainsaw chain styles to choose from, depending on the type of cutting you need to do.

    The chainsaw chain is durable and long lasting  


    6B Chain Saw Chain


    6B Chain Saw Chain is a high-quality chain that is designed specifically for use with 6B Chainsaws. This chain is engineered to provide increased efficiency and reliability when cutting wood.


    The 6B chain saw chain is a replacement chain for chainsaws. It has a longer life and cuts more smoothly than other chains.


    6B Chain Saw Chain is designed for use with 6B Series chainsaws. It is a high-quality chain that provides superior performance.


    Buy 6B Chain Saw Chain, Different Chainsaw Chain, Wood Cutting Chain Product on Qirui 


    Hangzhou Qirui Tools is one of the leading Chainsaw Chain Types Wood Cutting Chain Saw Chain Product Supplier and Factory in China, also supporting customized service. Be free to wholesale high quality products from our factory.When designing and developing new products according to customer needs, we strictly control quality standards while controlling production costs.


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