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Hard Nose Chainsaw Bars are specifically designed for use with chainsaws that have a bar width of .75 inches or wider. They are made from hardened steel and are designed to resist breaking.


Welcome to Hard Nose Chainsaw Bars Manufacturer Supplier Factory! Our company is specialized in manufacturing and supplying high quality hard nose chainsaw bars like Roller Nose Chainsaw Bar,Roller Nose Chainsaw Bar. 

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Hard Nose Chainsaw Bars Manufacturer/Supplier/Factory - qirui

  • Product Descriptions of Hard Nose Chainsaw Bars


    What is Hard Nose Chainsaw Bars


    Hard nose chainsaw blades  are designed to cut through tougher materials with ease. Manufacturers and suppliers of these blades can be found all over the world, making them a popular choice for those seeking an efficient chainsaw blade. Whether you need a new set of blades or just need to replace your existing ones, hard nose chainsaw blades are a great option.


    Classification of hard nose chainsaw blades can be difficult because of the variety of chain saws and cutting tools they are used with. There are three main types of cutting tools: fixed-blade saws, reciprocating saws, and rotary saws. Fixed-blade saws use a straight blade that stays in one position on the chain and is stationary. Reciprocating saws use a bar with moving blades that cut across the wood like a lawn mower.


    As chainsaws continue to evolve and become more advanced, chain saw blades that cut better and faster are becoming more popular. However, not all chainsaw blades are created equal when it comes to cutting efficiency. Some are better suited for specific applications while others are less efficient but still work. There are three major categories of chainsaw blades: soft nose, hard nose, and hybrid. 


    The soft nose chain saw blade is the most common type used on consumer-grade chainsaws.


    Roller Nose Chainsaw Bar


    Roller nose chainsaw bar is a new type of chainsaw chain. It is made of metal disks that are mounted on a long shaft. The shaft is attached to the chainsaw's cutting blade by means of a ball joint. The disks are attached at one end to the chainsaw's bar and at the other end to a rotating axle. The disks can be turned by hand, which allows for greater versatility in cutting.


    Are you looking for a chainsaw bar that will give your job a little more horsepower? If so, you may want to consider a roller nose chainsaw bar. They provide a smooth, continuous cut that is less likely to fray the lumber and cause damage. Additionally, roller nose chainsaw bars have a much wider cutting platform than other chainsaws, which allows for easier tree cutting.These bars are designed to give chainsaws a bit more power, allowing them to cut through tougher materials with ease. They are also very easy to use, making them a great choice for anyone just starting out in the woodworking world.


     Roller nose chainsaw bars are a type of chainsaw chain that are often used on smaller forestry or woodcutting equipment. They have a curved design that gives them their name, and they are often less expensive than standard chainsaw chains. They are also sometimes called "roller chain" chains because of their similarity in appearance to the roller skate wheels used on some types of ice skates.


    Sprocket Nose Bar


    The sprocket nose bar is a type of training device that was originally designed to help riders with balance and coordination. Today, the sprocket nose bar is used as a tool for strength and conditioning. This type of bar requires participants to use their abdominal muscles to maintain balance while they are moving.


    There are many types of nose bars, but the sprocket nose bar is one of the simplest and most effective. The sprocket nose bar consists of a metal ring with several evenly spaced sprockets on it. When you grab the ring, the sprockets spin, providing resistance to your chin and cheeks. They also work to keep your head steady during chin-ups and pull-ups.


    ABOUT US - Hangzhou Qirui Tools


    Hangzhou Qirui Tools  was established in 2003. At present, our company has about 200 employees and a plant area of 12,000 square meters. It is the first domestic manufacturer of chain saws, electric chain saw parts guide bars,  and chains. It is also the first and only one. A company that specializes in the production of Fengshou series guide bars is the maker of the domestic guide bar industry standards and participated in the formulation of the chain industry standards.


    Welcome to Hard Nose Chainsaw Bars Manufacturer Supplier Factory! Our company is specialized in manufacturing and supplying high quality hard nose chainsaw bars like Roller Nose Chainsaw Bar,Roller Nose Chainsaw Bar. We have a wide range of bars available, with different lengths and widths to fit any chainsaw. All our bars are made from high-quality materials, and we always make sure that they meet the exact requirements of the chainsaw manufacturers.


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  • Q1:    How long is the guide bar? 

    A:       Our guide bars are from 6" to 72" for now. Length can be customized

              according to your demand.

    Q2:     What kind of machine is suitable for? 

    A:       We have different types bar which can fit for a variety of machine,

               including Stihl, Husqvarna,Jonsered, Echo, Dolmar, Makita, etc.

    Q3:     Can we customize the bar type? 

    A:       Yes! If you want to develop new models, you can send us your drawings.

    Q4:     Is there any quality assurance? 

    A:       We have CE, ISO9001 certification. If there is any quality problem, we will

               deal with it at once. 

    Q5:     Can I use my own logo and design on the products?

    A:       Yes! We provide the service of replacing your logo and company

              name on bars and packing boxs, and the color is also up to you.

    Q6:     What's your MOQ?

    A:       For sample, we are willing to produce it even one piece.

    Q7:     What's your delivery time?

    A:       The production time of guide bar and saw chain are different. Guide

               bar is longer than saw chain. Exact time should be according to the

               QTY. We will inform you the schedule and keep in touch with you.

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