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3/8 LP Saw Chain
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Features of 3/8 LP Saw Chain

03 August 2023

What is the 3/8 LP Saw Chain?


The 3/8 LP saw chain is a specific type of chainsaw chain that has a low-profile design. It is characterized by the distance between the drive links, which is 3/8 of an inch (approximately 9.5mm). The low-profile design results in reduced kickback tendencies, making it safer to use, especially for less experienced chainsaw operators.


Key Features and Advantages


The 3/8 LP saw chain offers several key features and advantages that make it a popular choice for many chainsaw users:

Reduced Kickback: The low-profile design of the chain reduces the chances of kickback, which is a sudden and potentially dangerous reaction that can occur when the chain's nose comes into contact with an object during cutting.

Smooth Cutting Performance: The 3/8 LP chain provides smooth and efficient cutting performance, making it suitable for various cutting tasks, including limbing, pruning, and light-duty felling.

Versatility: This type of chainsaw chain is available in various configurations, including different gauge sizes and numbers of drive links, making it compatible with a wide range of chainsaw models.

Ease of Maintenance: The 3/8 LP chain is relatively easy to maintain and sharpen, making it a convenient choice for regular chainsaw users.


3/8 lp saw chain


Applications of the 3/8 LP Saw Chain


The 3/8 LP saw chain is widely used in various cutting applications, including:

Pruning and Limbing: Its reduced kickback properties make it ideal for pruning and limbing tasks, where precision and control are essential.

Light-Duty Felling: For small to medium-sized trees, the 3/8 LP chain can handle light-duty felling tasks effectively.

Landscaping and Gardening: It is commonly used by landscapers and gardeners for maintaining trees and shrubs in residential and commercial landscapes.

Arboriculture: Arborists often prefer the 3/8 LP chain for tree care and maintenance due to its smooth cutting performance and safety features.


3/8 lp saw chain


Factors to Consider When Using and Maintaining the 3/8 LP Saw Chain


When using and maintaining the 3/8 LP saw chain, consider the following factors:

Proper Tensioning: Ensure the chain is correctly tensioned to prevent excessive wear, chain derailment, and kickback incidents.

Regular Sharpening: Keep the chain sharp by regularly filing the cutters to maintain optimal cutting performance.

Lubrication: Adequate lubrication is crucial for the longevity of the chain and the chainsaw's bar. Use high-quality chain oil and check the oil reservoir frequently during use.

Chain Replacement: Replace the chain when it becomes excessively worn, damaged, or stretched to maintain safe and efficient cutting.

Safety Gear: Always wear appropriate safety gear, including chainsaw chaps, gloves, and a helmet with a face shield and hearing protection, when operating a chainsaw.


where to buy 3/8 lp saw chains?


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3/8” LP .050



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